In sunny South Africa it makes sense to exploit the suns natural solar heat.

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Solar pool heating has brought pleasure to families all around the world for many years. Through research and development, Solnet has perfected the industry to accommodate the harsh South African conditions, and now provides comfort-swimming pleasure.
By installing solar panels you can heat the water in your pool to a comfortable level for swimming when it would normally be too cold to swim. This not only enables you to spend countless extra hours enjoying the pool, but it will also maximise your pool investment return and immediately increase the value of your property.

Solar Heating Systems use the free energy of the sun and costs very little to maintain. The environmental aspects are also important, as solar heating systems are clean and non-polluting.

There are various types of solar heating systems, the most effective using inert black plastic polymers that cannot be corroded by pool chemicals or eroded by water. Designs with individual tubes allow the roof to breathe and dry out. Individual tube designs also reduce wind load, reducing the need for a complicated mounting system.

Solar panels may be configured in different ways, but the most common method is to install a continuous row without any breaks. If there is a skylight or a change in the level of the roof, your supplier will be forced to break the layout, but the panels are then linked by pipes.

As a rule, solar heating units are incorporated into an existing filter circuit. The pool pump operates the solar unit at the same time. For this reason, the maximum number of panels which can be used will depend on the size and power of the pump; it must be able to supply a proper flow.

Since the heat of the water depends on the amount and intensity of sunshine, you will obviously have cooler water in cold, rainy weather.

The size of the area to be covered by solar panels will depend on numerous environmental and physical factors. These include the length of time the swimming season can reasonably be extended in your area; where the individual pool is located; whether the area itself is shaded, the surface area of the water to be heated; whether wind is a problem; as well as the pool temperature required. The direction and angle at which the panels are to be mounted will also make a difference.

    For optimum efficiency, solar panels should face north or on a flat roof. If this is not possible, additional panels may be required. A roof with a very high pitch will also require more panels, as will a pool which is frequently shaded.

    Having a warm pool is one of the best investments you can make to enjoy family time in the safety of your own home, so be sure you use a reputable and reliable installer, such as Solnet!

    Don't stop using your pool just because the water is too cold!  Get maximum use and fun from your pool by heating it - the SOLNET way!
    Owning a swimming pool is a luxury that needs time and money to maintain.  An average pool today could easily cost R25,000 to R85,000! Independent tests showed that an average pool owner in the Western Cape uses a pool only 30 days a year, spread over a 3-month period... with a longer swimming season, your investment can be used at a optimal level.

    Increase your swimming pool's water temperature between 10° c - 15° c by heating it with the use of solar heat and thereby extending you swimming season with 8 to 10 months a year.
    • Swimming is great fun, healthy , and recommended by doctors worldwide;
    • Spend more quality time with family and friends in the comfort and safety of your own home;
    • Keep your children off the streets by allowing them to enjoy the pool all year round;
    • Entertain in instead  of around your pool;
    • Heating your pool will add value to your home and is a great selling feature;
    • Maximise the investment of your pool and be the envy of the neighbourhood.
    A typical pool heating installation

    As a leader in the Solar Pool Heating industry and one of the most established companies in South Africa, we are proud to say that although we are copied and followed by others, no one equals the quality of work that we deliver.
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Solnet Pool Heating Systems - the best rand for rand value

  • Over 100 000 Solnet pool heating panels are bringing fun and enjoyment to pool owners throughout South Africa since 1984.

  • The HC-50 Solnet solar panel is rated at 43 900 BTU\'s with a 4 GPM flow rate, eliminating clogging, common to other systems.

  • Solnet's unique individual tube design eliminates wind load, allowing the roof to breathe and creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • No roof penetrations or messy drilling is required - eliminating water leaks.

  • Solnet panels have a 10-year panel and labour warranty. Unlike other manufacturers that exclude labour cost, or prorate warranties on retail prices.

  • Repairs could be done fast, easy and inexpensive, on the roof.

  • Solnet panels can be fitted on just about any roof, including a flat roof

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Solar Heating Systems
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